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29 Nov

Wow.  Has it really almost been a year since my last post?!? Sorry to have dropped of the face of the blog-o-sphere… Lots has happened. Check it out!
Ps. Will update with details later 🙂


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A case of the Mondays

31 Jan

After a nice relaxing weekend of very little cleaning, light running and LOTS of Dexter watching, came Monday, blah!

Today was one of those days were I felt like I was chasing my own tail all day.  It seemed like nothing was getting resolved and work was piling up.

It carried on to my dreaded treadmill run.  I had a great run yesterday, outdoors.  Today it was watery out, aka rainy, so I decided to take it indoors. It was tough, I felt stiff and in some pain.  Maybe it was the added pressure of signing up for my “grown up 5k!!”  I did it, registered the hubs and I for March 12th.  I’m excited and nervous.  The good thing about it being our first is that we aren’t trying to beat a previous record Open-mouthed smile  We get to “set the record”.  My goal is to run the whole thing without walking.  I.can.do.it.

Shoe saga update: I went back, got a super nice guy and he got me into another shoe.  First run in them wasn’t as comfy as I hoped, 2nd run was much better (I loosened the laces), today was the third (first time on treadmill) so we will see if these are the ones.

Onto Day 3 of the 30 day challenge: Your views on drugs and alcohol

Drugs are bad, mmmkay!  Unless it is a controlled, prescribed drug, don’t do it.  I have read about and watched way too many documentaries on drug uses gone bad.  Why would anyone in their right mind want to put something in their body that could possibly kill them? I’m not trying to sound like little miss perfect, I have smoked weed in the past but that is all.  I have never been brave stupid enough to try anything other than that.

Alcohol, well that is a different story. I enjoy tipping a few back every now and then.  In moderation.  Sure, I’ve gotten sloppy drunk and ended up feeling like hell ran me over the next day but those times are far and few between. Now that I’m older, yeah I said it, I don’t feel the need to go there every time I have a drink in my hand.


These are my opinions on the topic and understand others may feel differently, that’s ok.  To each his own Smile

I hope you all had a better Monday than I did.  I kept searching for that easy button but it was nowhere to be found.

PS-I’m tired, and lazy, hence the lack of pics. Sorry.

10 years from now…

29 Jan

It’s safe to say that it will be taking me more than  30 days to get through the 30 day challenge.  Cuz I’m such a awesome sporadic blogger. Open-mouthed smile

Day 2: Where you’d like to be in 10 years

Family wise: I want to be in the same place I am now with a few minor changes. I will still be married, have a 17 year old daughter OMG, that just made me feel old.  Perhaps with one more little one who at that time may be 8 or 9.  (Guess that means I better get cracking on baby #2 eek!)


Career wise: if I stay in corporate America I hope to move up to a Leadership role. If I could have it my way I will be involved in helping young America live healthy, balanced, active lifestyles.  As one of my goals this year is to become a CPT and possibly make a career change to help others.


Debt wise: financially free!!!! I hope to have all debt eliminated.  Bye Bye school loans!


Blog wise: a more consistent blogger Winking smile

Where would you like to be in 10 years?

My kind of challenge

27 Jan

I’ve seen this 30 day challenge going around the blog world and since I have been having serious writers block lately I figured why not?! It gives me the topic then I can just roll with it Smile Thank you to whoever started this!


Day 1 – Relationship Status = Married and loving it!

The hubs and I have been together since 11/06.  We met through a mutual friend at her son’s birthday party.  She really was trying to set me up with some other dude, when I saw the dude I was like ummm, thanks, but no thanks. LOL

I spotted the boy(now Hubs) and asked her about him. She was like “oh him?” See Hubs was a very shy guy and not a big dater.  So I guess she didn’t think of setting me up with him.  Well I liked what I saw and pursued it.  I asked him out on a date, yup I sure did.  My friend said I might be waiting until I was 80 if I waited on him so I went for it! First time ever asking out a boy but it was worth it. Something told me he was “the one” and I needed to snatch him up Winking smile

This is us in 12/06


We went on our first date, typical dinner and a movie. Guess what movie? Borat! We laughed our butts off! Our second date was the very next day. Dinner and a movie again, guess which movie this time.  SAW IV!! Yup I’m gross like that and love those movies. haha  Within the first week we went on 4 dates. I guess we couldn’t get enough of each other.

He proposed to me 11/08 on the anniversary of our first date. Awww! Yeah, he’s that good, he remembered…I didn’t lol 

Engaged!! We were just about to go to an NFL game.


We got married 10.10.10 almost 4 years after we started dating.  He’s my favorite.


What’s your story?? Have you ever asked a guy out?

Meet Diva!

26 Jan

Diva is our doggy Smile  We have had Diva since she was about 6 weeks old.  We got her from a friend who owns the mama in May of 2008.  She’s almost 3! She’s a  malti-poo-terrier, that would be mix of Maltese, poodle and of course terrier aka cutest mutt ever!

This pic is from the first day we took her home. DSC01838

Lexi immediately made her, her baby.


How cute is this face!!!


Ok so now I’m reminiscing. awww!!

This was a few months later in her Halloween costume. lol



Bad hair day….DSC01983

Fast forward a few years…







As you can see, she really likes to pose for the camera and is in desperate need of some grooming.  Of to see if I can bribe the hubs into doing this. Or maybe I will just add it to his “honey-do” list Winking smile

Subject matter expert? Not so much.

23 Jan

I apologize in advance, this is long, wordy, and a rant.

So, I had this long post I worked on last night about how excited I am to have purchased my first pair of big girl running shoes and my experience at a running store. You know, they did the whole recording me run on the treadmill, measured my balance, arch etc., etc., I went to snap a picture (to upload to said post) of my new shoes and noticed they were “neutral” not the recommended “stability” for my over pronation.  WTF?!

Let’s start with..after my evaluation I let the dude know that I wear a size 5 in women’s which is a big  pain in the arse to find because most stores only order like 2 in that size and of course are never available when I come around.  So I’ve resorted to buying kids workout shoes in a 3.5.  So he takes me to the wall of shoes, points one out, goes to the back and brings me a size 4. You can imagine the confusion on my face when I tried them on. I let him know they felt big that is when he said “oh they are a 4” and he checked my toe location and agreed, they were too big. Strike 1.

That told me darn they don’t even have a kids 3.5 then Sad smile but he went back again and came out with 2 shoes both 3.5, yay! So I tried both on, I don’t know about running shoes so to me they felt great (in comparison to what I currently run/workout in), they were light and I felt I could run for days in them.  So after a few minutes of debating on which of the two to buy. I decided (with the help of my daughter and 2 year old nephew lol) on a Brooks running shoe. I was so excited, my first pair of big girl (sorta, after all they are kids shoes) running shoes. I turned them over and noticed the sole had the word “neutral” so I mentioned to him, “oh wait, these say neutral, don’t I need stability?” he gave me some BS spiel about how it was just part of the shoe design blah blah. I trusted his word after all he is the subject matter expert right? Strike 2.

Back to I was going to post about my new shoes, noticed the neutral on the box so I googled it, yup, just as I suspected, they are a “neutral” shoe NOT what I was recommended.  So I googled the Nike he also brought out, again another “neutral” shoe. Strike 3.

I am furious that he would do something like this just to make a sale and cash in on his commission. Is it too much to ask that the subject matter expert deliver to his customer what the customer needs??? Not only that but what HE recommended??

It’s safe to say there will be a complaint to the store manager. I don’t expect anything to come of it but better service to the customer.

*/end rant

10.10.10 : The Wedding Party

20 Jan

I am not feeling really creative as of late, major writers block. 

I figured why not share wedding pics!  Hubs and I got married 10.10.10 @10am Smile  in Las Vegas. It was a fabulous day.  Everything went down without a major hitch.  See for yourselves…

My Love and his Groomsmen


My BFF of 14 years, we worked together at my first job in AZ


My BFF from High School


My BFF from college


My BFF from birth aka My MOH aka My Sister Smile


The Ring bearer’s: My Nephews


My Flower Girls: My Daughter and Niece


My Brother and Yours Truly


Me – trying not to trip, hahaha


I will be posting a series of wedding pics over the next few weeks.  With over 1000 pictures to go through I decided to break it up or this post would take you 10 hours to scroll through.  See I’m thinking of you guys and has nothing to do with me being lazy, honest. Smile with tongue out

To be continued…..

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