Why 10?

Why 10? Why not 20?  Well I have this weird obsession with the number 10.  First of all it’s an even number, I don’t like odd numbers. To clue you in on my obsession…I am a newlywed and we got married on 10.10.10 @ 10am.  We had a wedding party of 10. I seem to on many days, look at the time both morning and night just as it turned 10:10. Weird? yes   So yup just random reasons I like 10 🙂 

Please realize I use the word “perfect” loosely as well.  I know there is no such thing as perfection.  But why can’t we find  perfection in what we already have? For example, our house is “perfect” for us…that doesn’t mean it is THE perfect house but for us it is. Everyones definition of perfect is going to be different.  Get where I am going with this?  Appreciate, accept and be grateful for what you already have.  Wanting more will only make you loose focus on the good in your life today.

I’m rambling, tired, will come back to this.

To be continued….


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