Subject matter expert? Not so much.

23 Jan

I apologize in advance, this is long, wordy, and a rant.

So, I had this long post I worked on last night about how excited I am to have purchased my first pair of big girl running shoes and my experience at a running store. You know, they did the whole recording me run on the treadmill, measured my balance, arch etc., etc., I went to snap a picture (to upload to said post) of my new shoes and noticed they were “neutral” not the recommended “stability” for my over pronation.  WTF?!

Let’s start with..after my evaluation I let the dude know that I wear a size 5 in women’s which is a big  pain in the arse to find because most stores only order like 2 in that size and of course are never available when I come around.  So I’ve resorted to buying kids workout shoes in a 3.5.  So he takes me to the wall of shoes, points one out, goes to the back and brings me a size 4. You can imagine the confusion on my face when I tried them on. I let him know they felt big that is when he said “oh they are a 4” and he checked my toe location and agreed, they were too big. Strike 1.

That told me darn they don’t even have a kids 3.5 then Sad smile but he went back again and came out with 2 shoes both 3.5, yay! So I tried both on, I don’t know about running shoes so to me they felt great (in comparison to what I currently run/workout in), they were light and I felt I could run for days in them.  So after a few minutes of debating on which of the two to buy. I decided (with the help of my daughter and 2 year old nephew lol) on a Brooks running shoe. I was so excited, my first pair of big girl (sorta, after all they are kids shoes) running shoes. I turned them over and noticed the sole had the word “neutral” so I mentioned to him, “oh wait, these say neutral, don’t I need stability?” he gave me some BS spiel about how it was just part of the shoe design blah blah. I trusted his word after all he is the subject matter expert right? Strike 2.

Back to I was going to post about my new shoes, noticed the neutral on the box so I googled it, yup, just as I suspected, they are a “neutral” shoe NOT what I was recommended.  So I googled the Nike he also brought out, again another “neutral” shoe. Strike 3.

I am furious that he would do something like this just to make a sale and cash in on his commission. Is it too much to ask that the subject matter expert deliver to his customer what the customer needs??? Not only that but what HE recommended??

It’s safe to say there will be a complaint to the store manager. I don’t expect anything to come of it but better service to the customer.

*/end rant


8 Responses to “Subject matter expert? Not so much.”

  1. Yahpee January 23, 2011 at 12:52 pm #

    Long time runner here. Take a breather. Brooks actually have a rep for being built neutral but with s stability form.

    Also, if you felt like you were running on clouds and perfectly comfy in them, then maybe they are the shoes for you. Maybe you aren’t a horrible pronator after all?

    I need stability shoes and currently run with neutral shoes (saucony) with insoles. Did you get insoles for your shoes? That may have something to do with it?

    Either way, I bet you have a 90 day return policy no? Just take them back and ask lots of questions.
    Good luck!

    • Nancy's Perfect 10 January 28, 2011 at 8:57 am #

      Thanks Yahpee 🙂 I have to state, it was TOM as well so I was extra annoyed thanks to that lol.

      I did not get the insoles, they did customize some for me and I tried them on and honestly felt better without them. Not only that but the insoles were $80, more than the shoe itself.

      I did take them back and got a stability, took a short run and it felt different, some pain still, could it be I need to break them in still?

      Thanks for the input!!

  2. simplyshaka January 23, 2011 at 4:22 pm #

    You have baby sized feet-how cute 🙂

    I used to run but never got any running shoes but I say if you are dissatisfied with your experience, definitely write a letter or review them online like on Yelp. The power of a bad experience goes a long way!

    • Nancy's Perfect 10 January 28, 2011 at 8:58 am #

      I do have baby feet and it’s annoying. I wish I could get a foot extension lol

  3. Mindy@FindingSilverLinings January 25, 2011 at 10:46 am #

    I have mini feet too! LOL! Finding the right shoes is no joke girl! I hear ya.

    • Nancy's Perfect 10 January 28, 2011 at 8:58 am #

      You share my pain! That is why when I do find a pair I buy them! They will NOT be there next time..

  4. Isabel January 26, 2011 at 11:18 am #

    Chica! Yahpee is right with her description. Some shoes are neutral, but provide stability. They may run the spectrum. My shoes are for neutral through over-pronation.

    Secondly, running shoes should fit big (typically 1 whole size). I wear a size 7.5 so my running shoes are always an 8.5. This is because when you run, your feet will swell some and you have to be comfortable over longer distances. I am more concerned about the fact that he let you walk out of there with a 3.5 size. I have a girlfriend whose feet swell more than most of us and she has to buy 2 sizes bigger.

    Definitely take them back. Was it a small local running store or a bigger chain store? I’d try a different store. It sounds like this guy’s mind was elsewhere or he just didn’t know what he was doing.

    • Nancy's Perfect 10 January 28, 2011 at 8:59 am #

      Thx Izzy…I think you might be right. I may need a bigger size, these felt snug, my pinkie toes were not comfy. Do they need to be broken in?

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