My least favorite part of Christmas

5 Dec

I think it is obvious from my previous post that I LOVE Christmas. Why do I love thee? Let me count the ways….

  • I love the smell of fresh pine.
  • I love all the glimmering lights inside and out.
  • I love the added accessories our house gets to sport Winking smile
  • I love shopping for others!
  • I love the look on my daughters face Christmas morning.
  • I love the hugs she gives me while we decorate and her telling me that our tree(s) make her feel so happy Smile
  • I love that it brings our families together.
  • I love that AZ finally cools down under 80.

I could go on and on….

There is only one thing about this holiday that I do not love, wrapping gifts! I despise it.  If I could stuff everyone’s gifts in bags without it looking tacky, believe me, I would.  Maybe I dislike it so much because there are so many gifts to wrap? We have a very big (extended) family and we buy for every one of their children. After all it is for the kids isn’t it?  That only means, wrapping gifts for days. 

We decided to get a head start yesterday (Lexi was bugging all week) and wrapped all most of our Black Friday goods.  It’s a good thing I had helpers, hubby tackled them with me and Lexi wrote all the tags.




To make the process less painful we popped in The Polar Express.

It feels good to get that out of the way, it doesn’t feel good knowing there is more to come.

Do you like wrapping gifts? What is your least favorite part of Christmas? I love the way they look in the end but the whole process is such a drag to me.


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