Ready for Christmas!

23 Nov

Our household is ready for the holidays!  While the interior still has “fall” decorations the exterior is decked out for our favorite holiday, Christmas!!


Hubby was on it this year and got started with the outside décor (his job) early Smile  Oh and the string of icicles that was out in this pic is fixed, he is that good Winking smile

Yes, that would be my kid in a tank and sandals in 60ish degree weather, true Arizonan! haha

The local radio station is also ready, as of Friday they have started all day x-mas music.  My co-workers hate me, it’s on at work too. Bahahahaha.


2 Responses to “Ready for Christmas!”

  1. mindymac November 23, 2010 at 8:35 am #

    YAY! I have a few Christmas-ey decorations up around out house too! I’m feeling very holiday this year!! Your daughter is adorable!!! YAY for hubby that is on the ball! You win!

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