Birthday Weekend Recap

22 Nov

I survived the BIG 33! It was actually a very nice, chill, low key birthday.  Last year was the opposite, partied it up.  I just didn’t feel like doing that this year so all I wanted was to go to Seasons 52.  We have one in Phoenix now!!

I can say it was exactly what I expected, great food, ambiance and tasty drinks Winking smile

Oh and my sister made me the coolest cake ever!!! 






Now the food porn!


Oops forgot to snap an appetizer pic before we dug in lol  This was some crab and cheese stuffed mushroom caps with shrimp on top. So Good!!


Patron Margarita Martini Winking smile


Da hubs Tuna Steak n veggies.


My perfectly seared scallops. These were so delish!


Lexi’s flatbread cheese pizza

Then there was the tower of birthday desserts….


We only went with 4, Chocolate PB, , Pumpkin Mousse,  Pecan pie and Rocky Road. 


My favorite was the Pumpkin Mousse Smile


Once we were ready to go and waiting for the bill…these two decided to pass time playing Angry Birds. 

We then came home, played a Netflix family movie, that only Lexi seemed to be able to stay awake for. Hubby and I crashed maybe 5 minutes into the movie, lol. Ahh the married life of 33 year olds.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.


2 Responses to “Birthday Weekend Recap”

  1. mindymac November 23, 2010 at 8:38 am #

    Happy Birthday Chica! That dinner looked awesome!!! But dessert looked even better! How did she get those labels on the cake? Patron BayBay! Must have been a fun night!!


    • Nancy's Perfect 10 December 2, 2010 at 10:14 am #

      My sis went to this cake store (cake deco supplies) and they will make copies of pics or whatever on this edible paper to put on cakes, how awesome is that!

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