A day lacking balance

16 Nov

I decided this morning that I would make my next post about a day of my eats.  It all started off great.  Made myself a 1 whole egg + 1 egg white, spinach, cheese on a whole wheat tortilla breakfast burrito to go with my home brewed coffee….


Then I got a phone call from my brother as I was just leaving the house for work.  The conversation was about Thanksgiving plans and led into a much more important holiday him asking about my birthday plans.  I said “eh not much, low key this year” .  So he said
“well lets go out for an early birthday lunch”. I obliged.  He suggested we go for Mexican, again I obliged.  One thing led to another and that’s when the balance scale tipped.


At least the chile relleno is a vegetable right? Let’s ignore the fact that is was stuffed with cheese covered in flour, egg wash and deep fried. Oh and my taco had lettuce and tomato …that I had to scrape out because it had onion mixed in. Ewww. I am not a fan of onion.


In the afternoon we had a meeting at work and they always provide cookies and juice after the meeting, so I had a peanut butter cookie, half a strawberry and a black berry  that went undocumented in the pic because it jumped in my mouth quickly. Umm, at least I got some fruit in right??


On the way home I got an urgent email from my boss’s boss so while I had intentions on coming home and cranking out a workout…I had to work for a bit. Leaving the Hubs to make dinner.  Ground turkey chili and cornbread mmmm.  SO maybe I forgot to tell him to add tomato sauce so it was more like a soup. Still tasty. 


There you have it.  A perfect example of a day that didn’t go as I originally planned yet enjoyable nonetheless.  Sometimes we have to just throw the plans out the window and go with the flow of what the day brings us. 

What do you do when things don’t go as planned?  Do you feel like you lost control or balance? While today was not what I planned or my meals didn’t have the balance nutritionally that I like I didn’t let it get to me. I went with it and that’s ok.


One Response to “A day lacking balance”

  1. mindymac November 17, 2010 at 8:00 am #

    No worries Nance. When that happens, I acknowledge it, then fix it. I don’t get the “What the heck” attitude where I say screw it I messed up anyway I might as well have another. At least you didn’t have a sugar binge like my slip ups usually consist of. Those make you sooo hungry the next day.

    Today is a new day. Eat your eggwhites, load up on fiber filled veggies, and suck down that H2O -Mexican food is droolworthy but reall salty. If you pound the water you won’t feel the bloat. It was just a bump in the road. Kepp on steppin, chica!

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